general thoughts on Bitcoin, and building a pc or cluster to generate them.

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2018-6-8 20:20:34

Have been active in the Bitcoin scene since it was publicly announced, i have 250 bitcoins (if i can retrieve my wallet), and i am as large of a supporter of bitcoin as i can be but i am not here to deduct to the Bitcoin is Even worth supporting. Though, I am not adverse to hearing your thoughts on BitCoin. For thoes of you who want to know what bitcoin is, here are the easy land actually, i have to remake the post, as i just found out the desktop i was reserving to use for generating btc's has died. so now it's focused on building a system to generate btc. i Ask in here, because this is not to far removed from the distributed computing work you are already doing, so it shouldn't be a far throw to think that you all would have some ideas on how to best approach the issue. i'd like to use an os that is lite and easy to configure/install that install that will allow for giving all available power to the bt Daemon, i had heard that gentoo was the distro for the job. any thoughts?  Heh, it seems that since i took a little while off, there have been some advancements like using the GPU instead of the CPU and such. i am going to have to dig back into the BT forums, but while i do that i'd Like to hear what you all think.

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